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Sanilac District Library currently has the following needs and could use your financial assistance to complete these projects.

Kid Computers: SDL would love to provide early learning stations with touch screen technology. The computers are loaded with age specific software. The games and programs are educational and fun! The Pre-K and Elementary (K-6th grade) versions cost $1,800 - $2,200 each.

Replace the tile in the lobby and restrooms. The lobby is a high traffic area and even with rugs, the commercial vinyl tile is worn and looks unsightly. The restroom floors look just as bad. Those gray areas are not dirt, the top layer of the tile has disappeared. The Library Board has decided to replace the floors with ceramic tile which should last for many years. This project is in the works!

Replace the copy machine. The machine has been purchased to replace the 2006 model which was no longer able to be serviced. While the library is not in the copy business, SDL does make copies for the public as a convenience. Patrons also print from the public access computers to the copier. SDL needs a reliable copier for printing our newsletter, brochures, flyers and business use.  All print jobs from the public access computers are sent to the copier. Buying the copier rather than leasing saves over $2,000. 

Remodel the Circulation Desk and replace the countertop. The good thing is that people are checking out thousands of materials. The bad thing is that all those materials sliding across the Circulation Desk have worn the surface right off.  After researching material options, the Library Board nixed the idea of using  quartz which is way too expensive and will be using laminate.  SDL could sure use some help with this project.