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Sanilac District Library celebrated National Library Week 2015 by focusing on the arts and offering workshops with hands on experience for guests. Those who attended enjoyed themselves while they created beautiful artwork.

Many thanks to

Gene Denison, Julie Jaworski, Diane Merriman and Judy Willis

for donating their time and talent for these programs! 


 Fiber Arts: Judy Willis & Diane Merriman

Judy Willis demonstrated the process of spinning various fibers into yarn. Guests had the opportunity to use the spinning wheel to transform wool rovings into yarn. Diane Merriman taught how to crochet Learn to crochet a Tunisian dishcloth. Pictures

Ceramic Tiles with Gene Denison of Village Pottery

Gene demonstrated the different techniques for designing and creating handmade ceramic tiles. Guests  made several tiles which were then fired in the kiln at Village Pottery. Pictures


Julie Jaworski and Three Color Magic 

 Julie Jaworski taught how to mix the three primary colors into a rainbow of choices. Using acrylic paint, Julie gave a step-by-step directions for guests to create their very own original painting of a beautiful apple.  Pictures