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How To View SDL's Local History and Genealogy Documents Online

 The following documents from SDL's genealogy and local history collections have been digitized and may now be viewed online in searchable PDF format.

  • The Bark Shanty Times
  • Port Sanilac Cemetery Records
  • Port Sanilac Light Journal
  • Shingle Shavers & Berry Pickers by Oliver Raymond
  • The St. John Lutheran Church baptism, birth, death and marriage records

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Mike Soflin of Sanilac Computer Products developed DigitalTotes to provide a vehicle for libraries to make this information available to the public over the internet.

View Documents From Other Libraries

SDL’s membership in DigialTotes also allows visitors to SDL’s website the ability to access documents from other libraries.  Documents are still being digitized and the collection is continuing to grow.  

DigitalTotes Member Libraries

  • Aitken Memorial Library in Croswell
  • Harbor Beach Area District Library
  • Marlette District Library.
  • Sandusky District Library
  • Sanilac District Library in Port Sanilac

How to use Digital Totes

Click on the local history icon on SDL’s homepage or click here

DTClick on the + to see a list of documents or chapters and pages within a document.

Click on a title and the information will appear on the right side of the screen.




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All documents are searchable, making it easy to look for a name, specific words or phrases.

Titles and page numbers will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on the document you wish to view.