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MelCat Visiting Patron

Sanilac District Library participates in the MelCat Visiting Patron Service. This means that SDL patrons in good standing may go to another library which also participates in this service and check out books in person. Participating libraries may restrict the types of materials that are borrowed to books only. Patrons from other participating libraries may also visit Sanilac District Library and borrow SDL's books. Sanilac District Library has been a member of MelCat since 2005.

Check out the chart listing the names of libraries who are members of MeLCat, a link to their website, city, and Yes or No if they participate in the Visiting Patron Service.

 How MelCat Visiting Patron Works

  • Visit a library that participates in the Visiting Patron Service
  • Select the books you wish to borrow and take them to their Circulation Desk. 
  • Your Sanilac District Library card will be used to check them out to you.
  • You MUST have a picture I.D. with you as well as your library card.
  • You may return books to the lending library yourself or bring them to Sanilac District Library and the books will be sent back through the MelCat delivery service.