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How To Set Up ‘MY ACCOUNT’ In SDL's Catalog

  1. Verso Log InClick on the CATALOG icon on SDL's Home Page
  2. Click on the tiny little u located halfway down the gray edge of the page on the left side
  3. A new window pane will appear on the left
  4. Log in:
  • Type in the 14 digit barcode number exactly as it is printed on your library card. Do not type in the asterisks.
  • The default password for all accounts is userpass. The first time you log into your account a message will appear asking you to create a new password.    
  • Your account may only be accessed by entering your library card number and password.
  • Remember your password.   Library staff do not have access to your account and will not have any record of your password. If you do forget your password, library staff can reset it to userpass so that you may create a new password.



How To Access Your Information In ‘My Account’

Verso-My AccountClick on the MY Account Tab to see your account

  1. Click on the blue EDIT button on the far right to add or edit your email address. Choose yes if you want to receive weekly notices.
  2. Click on the black tabs to check your account status.
  •  Items Out: the number of materials currently checked out are listed in the red circle. click on the tab to see a chart of “Items Checked Out To Me” with Title, Author, Due Date, Fines and Status.
  • Renew: If a material may be renewed, the word RENEW will be displayed in blue hypertext. Click on this to see the new Due Date. Renew All Eligible Items may also be chosen.
  • Checkout History You must click I Agree to enable the circulation system to keep track of items you have previously checked out. Your history in the Spectrum system was not able to be transferred.

 How To Create “My Lists”

 Verso My ListsIn ‘My Account’, click on the Verso-Flower to flip from the tan window pane to the black.

Click on New List and type in the label for your list, such as Reading Diary.

Click on Done. You may create multiple lists by repeating steps 2 & 3. You may now add items to your list.


Add Items To “My Lists”

 1. Click on the HomeVerso-Home button to search for the material you want to add to a list.

2.  Type in the title in the Quick Search Bar and click the Search button.

3.  Review the titles and click on the blue hypertext of the title you want to add to a list. This will take you to a card image of the record.

4.  Click on the Add To My List button on the left side of the screen. If you have more than one list, another window will ask you to select the appropriate list.

5.  A window will appear confirming that the title was added successfully.


How To View Items In Your List

1.Click on the Verso-Flower

Verso-Lists2.Once on the black window pane, double click on the list you want to open. The pane will flip to show the titles in the list.

3.Click on a title for options to display full record, email record details, print the record, save the record or remove the record from your list. The material record will be visible on the rest of the

4.Click on View Expanded Display for a chart of all titles in the list with the same options as above.


How To Reserve Items in the Catalog

1. Click on the Home

2. Click in the Quick Search Bar and type in the title.

3. Click the Search button.

4. Review the titles and click on the blue hypertext of the title you want. This will take you to  a  card image of the record. If the status of the item is checked out, you may reserve it.

5. Click on the “Reserve This Item” button on the left side of the screen.

6. Library staff will notify you when the item is available for pick-up at the Circulation Desk.


REMEMBER to log out of your account if you have been using a public computer